Greetings from your agents at Chesterfield Insurers! We all hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season! Time spent with family at this time of year is important and we want you to make the most of it.

We all reach the new year with great expectations for new projects, activities, weight loss and other things as we resolve to “do better” in the new year. Some years we can accomplish some things we resolve to change. Other times we set our goals too high and really have no expectation of ever reaching our goals. If you are reading this newsletter, rest assured the author has done the same thing! But I want you to know that if you spend a part of your time “giving back” to your community by volunteering, you are already doing more than 90% of others are doing! Thank you for doing that!

One thing you can resolve to do is set aside a little more time for your volunteering efforts. I know…time is more valuable today than yesterday, but those you help cannot do without it. You probably cannot spend more time running the calls, but you can spend more time training to provide better service to those you serve. We want to make it easier for you to do that.

Because you have insurance through us (the ESIP program), you can take over 300 online course offerings that help you provide better and safer (fewer claims) service to your citizens. Our online offerings run the gamut of service-related offerings. From fire to EMS, from safety to driving, there is something for everyone. If you are an EMT, you can even get CE hours for most of it.

Beyond that, you can resolve to do more in person training to help those you serve. We offer free training in person for EVOC, Trailering, Basic and Advanced UTV operations, Farm Medic and others. Reach out and we can have Rick Talley give you a call to set up an in-person class. All we need is a commitment for 15 to 20 folks to attend.

Being knowledgeable and being safe does several things. It enables you to provide better services. It enables you to come home to your family after making that run. And it keeps your equipment in service and your premiums down. Let us help you do that. Resolve to put in a little more time and it will pay off for your citizens, your agency and most of all, you. Thank you for all you do!

Rest assured; we are all here to help you carry out your mission to your community. And we always want you to be able to do that with the assurance you have the most comprehensive coverage for your agency and members. We also want to make sure that coverage has the most minimal impact on your budget.

Thans for all you do. Stays safe!