Greetings from your agents at Chesterfield Insurers! We hope you are all doing well and getting ready for time with family and friends as we enjoy the Holiday Season!

We wanted to let you know about some benefits we have for your members that many do not think about. We all know how dangerous fire and rescue services are, whether you serve as a career or a volunteer. We all know how the materials we deal with are causing more and more health problems down the road after years of service for fire and rescue personnel. We have some solutions that come at a low cost for your members to protect them from medical problems that occur down the road.

There are several different products out there that have a low per member cost for an annual benefit. We wanted to briefly describe them to you here. If you have questions or an interest, reach out to your agent for more details.

Group Life Insurance: Just like what you get at work, this is a life insurance product that costs about $131 per member per year. There is no age limit and no medicals. It pays $10,000 for a natural death, $20,000 for an accidental death and $30,000 for a line of duty death.

Critical Illness/Cancer Coverage: This is also a group benefit. The agency pays a set price per member per year for a stated amount of coverage. There are no medicals involved. If the member suffers a heart attack, stroke, organ failure or is diagnosed with cancer, the policy pays the chosen coverage amount. For example, for a $10,000 benefit, the cost is $140 per member.

Group Accident: Covers deductibles, co-pays and out of pocket costs for an accidental injury. The cost is $117 per member per year.

Short Term Disability: Covers a chosen benefit for 3 months when out of work. For example, for a $500/week benefit with a 14-day elimination period, it costs $90 per member per year.

We know it is hard to retain members. These are a few low-cost benefits you can provide your members to help keep them after you train them. These benefits also help with those issues that come up down the road. We would love to give you more information. Reach out for more information! We wish you all a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!