Greetings from your agents at Chesterfield Insurers! Hard to believe we are about to wrap up the first quarter of the year. Folks are well into making plans for the summer. We hope you have great plans for time with family and friends.

We have talked a lot in the past about the training opportunities we can provide for you because you have coverage through our agency. There are many more ways to improve your skills and better service your community while supporting agencies that support you. We love to support these groups and always look forward to seeing you while at these conferences.

The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association stands out as providing the most opportunities over the year to improve yourself. This group is not just for Fire Chiefs. It is for all members of the fire service. From the largest conference in Virginia, which just wrapped up, to the annual summit, regional shakers forums, the Virginia Fire Officer Academy, the Virginia Chief Officer Academy, and the many offerings by the sections associated with the VFCA, countless hours are offered for your benefit! Get involved and better yourself, your agency, and your community!

The Virginia State Firefighters Association and the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads are two groups that have a long history of advocating and providing resources and training to their constituents. Five years ago, in an effort to make their annual conferences better, they combined efforts into one conference. Both these groups deserve your support. What they have done for us as public servants over the years is too much to list here. What they can provide in the future depends on us. Their conference is coming up in September at the beach. Please make plans to attend.

There are other agencies and groups that do the same. From the EMS Symposium, the Haz Mat Conference and many others, the resources are here for your benefit.

Our agency has always stepped up to not only assist our individual clients, but to also assist all these agencies that do so much to better the fire/rescue services here in Virginia. Rest assured we will be here for all of them well into the future. Many thanks to these and all the other regional associations. Thanks for taking the time to make us all better.

Thans for all you do. Stays safe!