In Virginia, volunteer fire and rescue agencies are not required to have Workman Compensation Coverage.   Due to expense and lost income replacement that in most cases does not meet the need of the injured member, most agencies opt for Accident and Medical plans that meet the needs of the injured member in a more realistic fashion.  

A new area of coverage that has emerged over the years is coverage for PTSD or Critical Incident coverage.     In the past, ways to handle these incidents have been limited.   With the uptick in request for assistance carriers are starting to look for ways to assist with these incidents.   Starting with our January Hartford renewals, we are pleased to announce there are coverage options that will be automatically added to your policy. 

Now, you will have the following coverages added to your policy.  For a PTSD benefit, the member will  have coverage for up to 10 sessions to treat PTSD per the policy terms.   For Critical Incident Counseling, the member will have up to 10 sessions for treatment per the policy terms.  Additionally, the policy provides for a triticale incident team to address the department per the policy terms.  

This is great news considering the increase in calls for assistance with this type of service.   It is important to note that with the addition of these enhancements, you will also now have a new policy number.  

As always, we are constantly working t make sure our family has the coverages they need.  Should you have any questions, please reach out to your agent or any of us to help! 

Thank you for serving your communities and allowing us to serve you!